Thank you for your interest in our National Trampoline Entertainment Center brands!

We welcome the opportunity to build strong partnerships in key markets and to showcase our two great trampoline brands, AIRWORX and COSMIC JUMP! This packet will give you a brief overview of National Trampoline Entertainment Centers. For more information, please feel free to contact us at 480-775-3800 or via email at

Executive Summary
National Trampoline Entertainment Centers, LLC is an owner and operator of indoor trampoline recreation centers providing fun and entertainment to families and customers of all ages.
NTEC operates Arizona trampoline parks under the brand name AIRWORX and is preparing the national brand roll out of COSMIC JUMP. National Trampoline Entertainment Centers, LLC is an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company headquartered in Chandler, Arizona and Guthrie, Oklahoma.
AIRWORX and COSMIC JUMP are the next dimension in family entertainment centers providing non-stop “open jump” sessions based on the hour and half-hour. National Trampoline Entertainment Center facilities are always open to public. Parents drop off kids for a few hours after school, teens socialize at Zero Gravity on Friday night, a major corporation plans an outing of team building on our trampoline dodgeball courts, the PTO schedules a successful fundraiser on a Tuesday night, and a mom plans her son’s birthday party for Saturday afternoon.
NTEC facilities revenue derives from “open jump” pay per hour wristband sales, snack bar revenue, and various other ancillary revenue sources including birthday party fees.
NTEC serves a more middle income to affluent demographic with the discretionary income necessary to pay for repeat visits to a healthy activity center. NTEC believes that branding is an important attribute to the long-term success of trampoline entertainment as it will become an indicator of quality fun and perhaps most importantly to parents, consistent safety and customer service standards.
NTEC business model includes leveraging the multiple facilities to reduce the average cost of build out and infrastructure, as well as leveraging economies of scale in marketing expense, public relations, and party booking.
NTEC believes it can add significant value to the design, operation and marketing of trampoline parks throughout North America. It is actively seeking franchisees and equity investors to partner in key markets and to share in the substantial profitability of this new family entertainment concept.