Trampoline Questions

Cosmic Jump Indoor Trampoline Park FAQ

1.When will Cosmic Jump Open?

We are Now Open, call us at 214-383-1400

2.Can I book an EVENT (birthday, corporate event, charity event) at Cosmic Jump?

Yes, we are taking event registrations now. You may connect us through our EVENT EMAIL. We are also now taking Individual Jump Session reservations.

3.Is there an MINIMUM AGE to participate at Cosmic Jump?

In order to keep everyone safe, we will enforce a set age limit on our main trampoline courts at eight (8) years and older. The good news is that children age seven (7) years and under have a feature with the park all to themselves – We call this area our Shooting Stars area.

4.I am a MEDIA CONTACT and would l like to interview / write about Cosmic Jump

For all media inquiries, please contact For all media inquiries, please contact Brandi Copas via email at

5.How can I get a JOB at Cosmic Jump?

We would love to have you! – Feel free to send an email and we will follow up.

6. How can we ADVERTISE / PARTNER with Cosmic Jump?

We would be interested in speaking with you! Please complete our CONTACT US form and we will follow up with next steps.


At Cosmic Jump, safety is our number one priority. We want all our Jumpers to walk out of the building happy and loaded with exciting stories to tell. With that said, we have gone to great lengths to ensure a safe environment through superior structure, training, research, education and planning. These are our main strategies to maximize safety:


Studies indicate that up to 80% of trampoline injuries occur when a jumper falls off the trampoline to the ground or floor. We have completely eliminated this risk by building either our TRAMPOLINE COURTS WITH TRAMPOLINE WALLS or NETTING THAT WILL WITHSTAND UP TO 150 POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH allowing our Jumpers to bounce off the walls and back onto the trampoline deck


Every square inch of exposed trampoline support structure (the steel and springs between the trampoline beds) is covered by 2.0 INCHES OF GYMNASTICS GRADE PADDING.In addition, we have added technology to our padding – the first layer is a 2 inch carpet bonded foam for durability and strength, and the second layer of foam is enclosed in vinyl for adjustability and comfort. The springs are completely encapsulated in a polypropylene sheet and covered by vinyl padding.


In areas that an 8 foot trampoline wall is not enough to contain a jumper, Cosmic Jump has added SAFETY NETTING above the walls which completely surrounds any of our trampoline court


Each of the trampoline courts at Cosmic Jump will be MONITORED FULL TIME BY TRAINED JUMP GUARDS (trained trampoline staff) to ensure a safe environment. Our staff of Jump Guards will be trained in CPR and First Aid and will be tasked with enforcing the court rules in a courteous manner as well as giving tips on how to fly safely.