Main Indoor Trampoline Park Areas

COSMIC JUMP Main Trampolines = Unlimited Fun!

Main trampolines with summit challenges!

Biggest trampolines in the stateThe Main Trampolines at Cosmic Jump Indoor Trampoline Center provide a fun, jumping surface that gives the impression of a zero-gravity, zero-resistance environment.  Jump big, jump high on our main trampolines at our indoor trampoline park.

All Cosmic Jump trampolines are set up with two huge freestyle trampoline “bowls” which together form our one-of-a-kind Cosmic Summit!




Longest freestyle trampolines in Texas!

125 feet of trampoline!

Longest freestyle trampolines in Dallas, Texas!

Giant trampolineAnd visit Texas’ largest and longest freestyle trampolines —the Super Cosmic Twin Trampolines!  At 125′ long x 20′ wide, these trampolines provide an incredible jumping surface for trampoline activities.

Dallas doesn’t need to settle for little trampolines anymore!  This is big time…This is COSMIC JUMP!!